Jimmy Brooks (JBizzle in the Hizzouse) (half_broken_jb) wrote,
Jimmy Brooks (JBizzle in the Hizzouse)

I'm exhausted. So this update will be short.Just cliff notes version of my day:

I had my surgery today. It went good :)

Miss Nelson herself visited me before hand, which was a nice surprise. And bought me some bling bling. She managed to make me much more relaxed which was good being that I had surgery a couple hours after she left.

Rick tried to talk to me. i hate him

After my surgery Liz and Paige came over to my room, then Ash and Craig joined us.

It was fun at first. Some drama happened. Liz had to leave for a bit but came back and she was fine. Since she wasn't feeling to good, I made some room for her, so we both layed down and watched The Labryinth. Ash and Craig were busy talking.

I was kind of upset I didn't get to see Hazel today. I thought for sure she'd come to see how my surgery went. Oh well. I'll see her soon enough.

Liz and Ash had left so Craig and I got to talk. Yes guys do talk. Its not only about sex, sports, sleep :-P That was good, I needed to vent a bit.

Now its time for rest. Night everyone :)
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