Jimmy Brooks (JBizzle in the Hizzouse) (half_broken_jb) wrote,
Jimmy Brooks (JBizzle in the Hizzouse)

What a day yesterday. What a day. Let me see if I can even remember everything that happened...

I talked to Hazel a bit online in the morning. I also asked her if she thought we were growing apart, she told me she still loved me and all that and then got worried my feelings had changed. I told her they didn't but it just seems like... we're drifting a part. When I talked to Ash about it she seemed to agree with me. But it might just be all the stress going on with me that I've pulled away from her? But we aren't all lovey-dovey like we used to be and we never see each other or rarely talk anymore, and I can't come up with a logical reason why. She was supposed to come visit again, but she must have got caught up with something because she didn't come. :(

While I was waiting for Hazel to show up, Liz IMed me saying she was getting bored and wanted to go do something. Our nurses let us go to the phsysical therapy pool. Mine were excited that I was all willing to try stuff already, being that most people aren't so... I don't know the word I'm looking for... determined I guess. It was fun but I don't think the nurses liked all the splashing around we were doing, they didn't think it was taking it easy enough. actually it probably wasn't so much the splashing around as it was the fact that she somehow ended up on my lap and I started tickling her and she was laughing and yelling at me to stop. It was cute to see her squirm. The nurses came over when we almost kissed, which kind of interrupted the mood. But after they left, for whatever reason, I kissed her. I'm such an ass. JT walked up as that had happened, since Liz had invited him to visit before we even went down to the pool. Thats not a good sign. Ugh. JT showed up to visit Liz, since she had asked him too. I had more check ups and everything so I ended up back in my room while they hung out.

The doctors had me STAND yesterday. With help and everything, but standing none the less. It was an awesome feeling. Paige came by to visit and we talked, it was fun. She was so excited when I told her I got to stand. In fact, she was the first person who knew. Moments after she left Emma showed up with video games. She's pretty good, but not quite good enough to beat the master ;) Anytime my little gangsta wants a rematch all she has to do is call, because it was fun kicking her ass at Dead or Alive - although... she almost had me. Girl has some skills. She tells me I should start doing that thing called reading, so I might. We were watching Billy Madison when the nurses made her leave so I could have yet another check up.

I talked to ash for a few minutes online until Emma showed up again with Craig this time. She rapped for us. You all need to recognize she is the queen and needs to be worshipped, yo! LMAO. It was a horrible white girl attempt at rapping but it made my day. Craig, Emma, and I were having a blast just blazing on each other. Then Ash stopped in for a surprise visit. Which made things a bit awkward. Emma left. Then Ash shortly after left. Then I tried talking with Craig for a bit, but doctors made him go so I could do more Phsyical Therapy.

Today I haven't seen or talked to anyone really. Just been working on getting my strength back. My legs are so week from not being able to use them for so long. But it feels so great to stand, or feels good just to be able to, being that it actually hurts like hell when I do.

The dance is tomorrow night? Hazel and I will be going... I BEGGGGGED my doctors to let me out of here for the night. I had to sign an oath in blood that I will take it easy, okay maybe not, but I felt like I did.

Lets see if today is as eventful as yesterday. I'm going to go down to Liz's room and see how she's doing today. Maybe she and I can go down to Craig's room and check on him. I really don't know why he decided he wanted to be cool like us and end up in the hospital, but I hope he's okay.
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