Jimmy Brooks (JBizzle in the Hizzouse) (half_broken_jb) wrote,
Jimmy Brooks (JBizzle in the Hizzouse)

so you know how I was saying I wanted to have a party. I have a better idea. Who's up for skipping school for a day? Everyone is invited. My dad's company can hook me up with as many tickets as needed to the end of summer music fest that goes from noon to midnight with various concerts and they have all kinds of things to do, like carnival games and rides, etc... But its thursday. and like I said EVERYONE is invited! unless you are a certain asshole that would make the world a better place by leaving it
Let me know! I'll get a list of people playing later. Oh yeah, anyone want to crash at my hosue wednesday or thursday night, or both, lol are welcome, just make sure to bring a pillow and a swimming suit. Unless your Emma Nelson, because knowing me I'll end up throwing her in fully clothed :-P

((I'll host a chat thursday night for this but we can rp that its during the day and we're skipping. UNLESS paige's court date will be that day, then we can do this next thursday, lol.))
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