Jimmy Brooks (JBizzle in the Hizzouse) (half_broken_jb) wrote,
Jimmy Brooks (JBizzle in the Hizzouse)

I AM A LOSER WHO FORGOT TO UPDATE! Sorry guys! And I have nothing interesting to say because I've been so bogged down with homework and all that jazz. Um... For whatever reason ((like AIM SUCKING and wasn't letting me im her)) Haze and I have delayed our trip again. But soon. Hazel, let me know when you're ready.

Umm yeah so I'm just going to end with a game. Go to google. Type "(your name) needs" and hit search. Then post the top ten-ish results.

Here's mine:

Jimmy needs your support
Jimmy needs your help
Jimmy needs to fix what has been changed in the past
Jimmy needs to purchase 60 mattresses
Jimmy needs some schooling
Jimmy needs to take a break
Jimmy needs to sit back
Jimmy needs to do what he's really good at
Jimmy needs to feel confident
Jimmy needs someone he can rescue

UHH now lets play another game. Everyone leave a comment for a potential reason that I, Jimmy brooks, needs to purchase 60 matresses! LMAO.
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