Jimmy Brooks (JBizzle in the Hizzouse) (half_broken_jb) wrote,
Jimmy Brooks (JBizzle in the Hizzouse)

I go in this afternoon for more tests and x-rays to see what kind of improvement has happened. Wish me luck.

So word on the block is Emma Nelson is gangsta. haha, or at least thats what the word will be at the end of the summer once I've taught her everything I know. At the same time I'm writing Gangsta Talk Defined by Jimmy Brooks and How To Be Gangsta: Teacher's edition. Look for my name on the international best seller list.

It's worth it to have Emma say things like "fo shizzle, my nizzle" LMAO.

So there's a radio station holding a Black & White affair, huh? I'm not sure I want to go. I don't want to be the kid that everyone stairs at because he's in a wheelchair... It's one thing at Degrassi, where people know me, and knew me before this. It's harder when people only see the chair and that is their first and only impression of me.

On the other hand, seeing Hazel all dressed up and shaking her ass will make it worth it. ;-) Well... that is if she wants to go... I guess I shouldn't assume that. As long as she does, y'all can expect an apperence by the one and only Jimmy Brooks. Word.

Time for me to bizounce and head up to the hospital... Holla! :)
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