Jimmy Brooks (JBizzle in the Hizzouse) (half_broken_jb) wrote,
Jimmy Brooks (JBizzle in the Hizzouse)

So I lied, I'm not going to elaborate on my date with Emma. She can tell the story better than I, I'm sure. Since most of it involved just her doing things as I sat waiiiiiitng. It was a great night though.

Craig and I are talkin right now about how everyone seems to have disappeared. We've come o the conclusion that everyone other than he and I were abducted by aliens. And we're left to rot in bordem. You all are having alien cake and alien ice cream and a big fancy alien party, and we're rotting in bordem. Gee thanks, guys :-P.

Well I'm bout to bizounce. HOLLA!

((my computer will be getting fixed so I have to send it in to dell. so don't expect me on much in the next weekish goes for JT too, obviously))
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