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I decided to get one of the Live Journals, since my amazing girlfriend told me too. I mean, fuck, I'm in a wheelchair there isn't much to do anymore. So the verdict was out, on whether I'd be able to walk again someday. At the doctors today, they said they noticed some changes, they used a whole buch of technical bullshit on me, but yeah, they said its possible with a lot of physical training for me to walk again. I'm going to give this my heart and soul because I want to get up out of this damn chair so bad, every day I wake up thinking I can walk and I have to remind myself I can't. Its so hard. I already know I won't be able to play ball my senior year of hs - there's no way of doing it professional now either. So thats one dream down the toilet. I suppose that means in addition to intense physical therapy I'll be doing what I can to get my grades at a 4.0 this year to go to a good school somewhere.

I'm trying so hard to look on the positive sides of things, but in an instant my entire life was almost taken from me, and now everything has changed. At least Haze has stood by me. I love that girl so much. If it wasn't for her I don't know where I'd be.

Paige, Craig, Ash, and Marco have been there a lot too, keeping my mind off things.

Spinner keeps crying to me about wanting his friend back. He can rot in hell. I mean you can't expect me to be able to forgive you for ripping my life out from under me. WTF were you thinking? When you told Rick that? When you told me what you did? Just.... leave me alone already.